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Gettin’ Norse at the Nordicfest

Hallo, great people of the North!

I’m hailing to you from Nordicfest in Decorah, Iowa, where giant vikings once rule the land.  I even heard Ragnar the Great was running for mayor.  For one full weekend, I got to bask in the glory of the Nordicfest, which brings together Norwegians and other Scandinavians for a gathering filled with merriment in the form of song, dance, crafts, and of course, lingonberries.  We at Concordia Language Villages have four Nordic languages, so we couldn’t miss out on the festivities.  I set up a table right in the arts and crafts center, and I got to talk to curious passersby about the wonders of Skogfjorden, as well as our other marvelous villages.

This is an annual event that has been going on for 44 years now, and people have come from around the world.  Located in beautiful Decorah, where Luther College has its campus, it is worth the small trip from the Twin Cities.  For more info on Nordicfest, look here.

Well, enjoy the photos.  That’s all for me.

Tusen takk og farvel!

~Zvi “Sven” Geffen

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