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El Día Internacional II

On a fine summers day in August, with the impending doom of rainclouds overhead, we had a lovely International Day celebration.  As a continuation of “Party Like it’s 1961”, we again hosted a global leader to take part in village life.  Our Arabic village, Al-Waha, is marking its fifth summer of existence, so we were pleased to host Dr. Shabaan Muhammad Shabaan, who is Under-Secretary-General for Genreral for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management at the United Nations.  If I ever have a title that long in my job description, I’ll know I will have made it!  Dr. Shabaan stressed the importance of understanding by bridging the communication gaps of language, and emphasized immersion as the best method for accomplishing that.  He himself is fluent in five languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish, French and Portuguese.  How convenient that we have villages for all of those!

The latter part of the day was spent singing, dancing, and of course the all-important closing programs.  The Korean village of 숲속의 호수 put on the most dazzling display for their program, complete with classical music, taekwondo, and breakdancing.  It was the highlight of the day.  You can watch the full clip here.

That about sums up another magical summer at Concordia Language Villages.  We want to make sure to continue promoting responsible global citizenship through living the language for the next fifty years and beyond.  My adventures continue as well.

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