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Fiddle Me This

Hej everyone!
No, that’s not a typo.  Pronounced just like the English ‘hey’, it means ‘hello’ in Swedish.  I was lucky enough to bear witness to the finest Swedish fiddling this side of Stockholm at the 20th annual Spelmanstämma, commonly known as a fiddlers gathering.  Musicians of all ages came to the Gammelgården, which is the Swedish museum located in Scandia, MN.  Interestingly, Scandia was where the first Swedish settlers decided to live in Minnesota.  As a symbol of their proud heritage, they built an authentic Swedish farming community, where visitors can come and see the sights.  The fiddlers were truly somthing to behold, as they played standing up and without accompanying sheet music.  Who needs sheet music when you already know the songs in your soul?  In addition to the marvelous music, I got to give a three-minute schpiel on CLV’s programs and Sjölunden in particular.  They were very generous hosts, and I felt like it was a successful event overall.

Well, that about culminates my summer adventures.  It’s been a long, strange trip, but I’ve learned a ton and gotten the word out about our marvelous programs, as well as traveled to distant lands to learn and engage in culturally authentic activities.  I must say, it’s been quite rewarding.

I’ll check in with you after the great Minnesota get-together known as the State Fair.


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