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Did you know that learning a foreign language is key to becoming a super braniac?  Studies have shown that the younger one learns a foreign tongue, the more likely they are to excel in other academic areas as well.  In fact, recent studies have shown that babies who are exposed to different languages can discern the difference and learn to communicate effectively in multiple languages.  The reason for this is that their primary language skills have not developed enough to translate from English.  In their minds, they are simply communicating.  You can find more information on this fascinating topic here.

It comes as no surprise that younger people are more adept at picking up languages, as their brains are developing so rapidly, they soak up all language inputs like a sponge.  Turning an input into an output, e.g. being able to convert listening to speaking, is far more challenging as someone gets older.  That’s why I like to say, when it comes to learning languages, the younger the better!

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