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The Benefits of Bilingualism


You’ve probably all heard by now about the benefits of learning a foreign language.  Not only can you start recognizing how to communicate in another language, but it serves as a window to other cultures.  Did you know there are several other positive scientific attributes to picking up foreign languages?  Recent studies have mapped out these complex findings.  The LA Times wrote an article covering this fascinating topic; you can find the it here.

Personally, I am quite thankful that I came from a bilingual family, where one parent spoke English and the other Hebrew.  I am thoroughly convinced that being exposed to two different tongues at such a young age allowed me to grasp foreign language learning at a higher level.  As a result, I am fluent in Spanish, and have studied Chinese, Portuguese and Arabic.

At Concordia Language Villages, we make bilingual learning FUN! Make sure to visit us online, www.ConcordiaLanguageVillages.org, to register for this summer!  You can also find useful information on scholarships, any of our 15 languages, and interesting news articles.  Also, you can find really fun videos and photos from each village at www.VillagePages.org.

Make sure you check back with us this spring, as we will be holding the annual nametag contest, as well as the Super Summer Giveaway!

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