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Sami People of Northern Norway Look to Israel to Save their Language

As languages evolve, several are also on the brink of extinction. There are certain languages and dialects that only have a handful of native speakers left. Take the case of the Sami, an ethnic group that make their homes well north of the Arctic Circle, including Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The Sami cling to […]

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Cincuenta Años de Gloria

Hola, amiguitos! This summer, we have a fiesta that is going to be muy grande and will bring alumni, staff, and villagers together.  Our Spanish village, El Lago del Bosque, is turning 50!  From July 13-15 this summer, anybody who has a connection to the village, whether they attended for one year or ten, is […]

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The Benefits of Bilingualism

Howdy, You’ve probably all heard by now about the benefits of learning a foreign language.  Not only can you start recognizing how to communicate in another language, but it serves as a window to other cultures.  Did you know there are several other positive scientific attributes to picking up foreign languages?  Recent studies have mapped […]

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El Blog

Hola amiguitos! Did you know that learning a foreign language is key to becoming a super braniac?  Studies have shown that the younger one learns a foreign tongue, the more likely they are to excel in other academic areas as well.  In fact, recent studies have shown that babies who are exposed to different languages […]

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Fiddle Me This

Hej everyone! No, that’s not a typo.  Pronounced just like the English ‘hey’, it means ‘hello’ in Swedish.  I was lucky enough to bear witness to the finest Swedish fiddling this side of Stockholm at the 20th annual Spelmanstämma, commonly known as a fiddlers gathering.  Musicians of all ages came to the Gammelgården, which is […]

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Japanese Lantern Lighting at Como Zoo

I challenge you to name something more serene and beautiful than colorfully encapsulated fire floating on water.  Give up?  Look no further than the Como Zoo for the Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival, commonly referred to as Obon. As one of Japan’s most significant holidays, they believe the spirits of their ancestors pay them a visit […]

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Korean Independence Day with the Sejong Academy

Anyang! Celebrating independence day in any culture is a blast, especially when it’s in conjunction with an ambitious new project.  We were privileged enough to have our own Jeehun Kim represent CLV and the Korean Language Village at an event that was intended to raise money and support for the Sejong Academy, the first complete […]

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El Día Internacional II

On a fine summers day in August, with the impending doom of rainclouds overhead, we had a lovely International Day celebration.  As a continuation of “Party Like it’s 1961”, we again hosted a global leader to take part in village life.  Our Arabic village, Al-Waha, is marking its fifth summer of existence, so we were […]

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You’d Be Remiss to Miss This Swiss Bliss

Guten Tag, Bonjour and Buongiorno! Besides being the land of fine cheeses, chocolate and chic ski chalets, Switzerland is also the home to many tongues.  The most commonly spoken languages are Swiss dialects of German, followed by French and Italian, and even Romansch, a language only spoken in remote cantons.  This plethora of languages makes […]

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Gettin’ Norse at the Nordicfest

Hallo, great people of the North! I’m hailing to you from Nordicfest in Decorah, Iowa, where giant vikings once rule the land.  I even heard Ragnar the Great was running for mayor.  For one full weekend, I got to bask in the glory of the Nordicfest, which brings together Norwegians and other Scandinavians for a […]

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