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IBM Take Your Child to Work Day

Ever wonder where mom or dad goes all those hours every day?  At IBM in Rochester, Minnesota,  kids get a chance to accompany their parents to work.  We were cordially invited to make a display booth there and an activity for the kids.  Luckily, I had a “language wheel” handy!  We have “hello” in fifteen […]

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Raspberries, Glorious Raspberries Everywhere!

Greetings,  friends. It has been quite awhile since I’ve updated.  I’ve been a busy man!  Amidst my travels across the sea, I may have lost the notion that perhaps my own country has some interesting events to offer.  Just then, I stumbled upon the hamlet of Hopkins, Minnesota, where they have an obsession with the […]

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Danish: More than Just a Pastry

Hej! To culminate my journey, I cruised across the Gulf of Finland, then through the open waters of the Baltic Sea to the coast of København, and boy are my arms tired!  After renting a car, I made it to the lovely town of Skovsøen. I was then happily greeted by the village leader, who […]

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Finland Should Really Be Called “Funland”

Moi! That’s “hi” for those of you who don’t understand Suomi. After the fiesta en España, I had to go to a more relaxed, cool place.  What better place to choose than the beautiful, lush northern forests of Finland?  I arrived at the train station at Salolampi, not knowing what to expect.  Thankfully, it’s summer […]

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Noche de Comida Deliciosa

Hola Todos! I must say, after España won la Copa Mundial, a celebration of sorts was in order.  What better way to do so than travel there and spend some quality time in the woods of El Lago del Bosque. I was treated to the feast of kings for the Sunday special, la Taquería. From […]

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25 Years of Glory

Ni Hao! I was privileged enough to travel eastward to commemorate 25 years of a unique leader, Di Baoluo.  As part of his tribute, several folks gathered at the shores of the Yangtze River to praise him for his contributions over the last quarter-century.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Chinese is not the […]

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International Day and 50th Birthday Extravaganza

Guten Tag! It’s a very special day in Waldsee, Germany, where we are celebrating 50 years of uber-awesome cultural and language immersion.  I cruised across the North Sea from Oslo to take part in this very unique ceremony, where delegates from around the world gathered to showcase their talents.  Each representative village decorated a candle […]

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Velkommen til Norge

Hallo! I must say that trekking from Western Russia to Norway was no easy task; I encountered severe winds, ice fields, and even violent reindeer heards in Sami country.  But alas, here I am, in the beautiful north.  Thankfully, I made it down to the coast, where the climate was more temperate.  Upon my arrival […]

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A Soviet Summer

привет, Comrades! My name is Zvi and I’ve just had the adventure of a lifetime in Russia!  It was quite a thrill seeing the majestic forests of the North and the sunny shores of Lake Baykal, the world’s deepest freshwater lake.  Upon arrival in Moscow, I was immediately greeted with a lovely breakfast of breads, […]

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